Project Brief: To create a brand identity for a company called “ACME”. Each student was assigned a different industry (e.g. Grocery Store) and then challenged to design various assets (including a brand book) for that company given those parameters. Students were faced with the challenges that may arise when creating a customer focused brand identity.

Grocery stores, just like any other marketplace, have to devote a significant amount of time thinking about their product as well as their customer. I started my process by thinking about my peer’s as well as my own personal experience with buying groceries.

Simplicity, quality goods, and an experience that made shopping for groceries something to look forward to is what most people seek in their grocery store visits. The goal for ACME was to bring traditional grocery shopping back to its roots and focus on delivering the message that customers would be purchasing quality goods when shopping at ACME.
The challenge faced when creating a visual identity for ACME was finding a way to relay that brand message and make it appealing to those who may find grocery shopping intimidating- such as those who are starting to purchase their own groceries for the first time. The ACME brand had to be cross-generational.

ACME’s brand identity is focused on it’s brand words: fresh, vibrant, and nutritious (just like the products it sells). Using a complementary color palate, bold lettering, and instantly recognizable iconography, the ACME brand speaks to the foundation of why choosing the right ingredients is important– because it feels good!